How to cancel Duolingo Plus

Updated: May 13, 2022

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Duolingo Plus is the premium subscription for one of the world’s most recognizable language learning apps. Follow the instructions below to cancel your subscription today.

Steps to cancel Duolingo Plus subscription

  1. Log in to your Duolingo account on their website here
  2. Tap on ‘Settings’ in the top right corner of your browser
  3. Select ‘Duolingo Plus’
  4. Click on ‘Cancel Subscription’ and confirm your request
  5. Confirm you’ve cancelled by checking your subscription status and email

Are there any other ways to cancel?

You must cancel your subscription to Duolingo Plus via the same method that you signed up. If you subscribed through the app, you must also cancel through the app. If you signed up via the Play Store or iTunes store, you must cancel through these services as well.

Will you get a refund?

No refunds are available. You will be able to continue using Duolingo Plus until the end of your next billing cycle when your account will go back to a normal Duolingo account. You are welcome to re-activate your Plus account whenever you like.

Why do people cancel Duolingo Plus?

Launched in 2011, Duolingo has quickly come one of the most recognizable brands in the language learning industry. Fast out-pacing big rivals such as Rosetta Stone and Babbel thanks to their gamification of learning languages and fun environment to do so. Unfortunately, despite the millions of happy users, there are also plenty of unhappy ones as well who’ve decided to cancel their subscription to Duolingo Plus and move on to another service.

Duolingo Plus Subscription Features
Duolingo Plus Subscription Features

A popular reason to cancel Duolingo Plus is that they simply don’t think it’s worth the money. At around $10/month for some countries around the world, it may seem like a low cost but if you feel like the extras you’re getting aren’t worth the money, then there’s no point in keeping the premium language learning subscription anymore. Cancel it and move on to something else. This is a similar reason why people want to know how to cancel their Onstar services.

The second, but the slightly more uncommon reason people cancel, is because they exhausted all the learning opportunities that Duolingo can provide. They’ve gone through all of the available courses on Duolingo, and are forced to move to another platform or offline classes to continue their education.

Final thoughts

Duolingo has enabled language learning to reach the masses in a fun and friendly environment for all. Those looking to expedite their learning are able to subscribe to Duolingo Plus for more content.

If you’ve found that it’s not for you, follow the steps above to cancel your Duolingo Plus subscription today.

If have any more questions, feel free to send their support team a message here:

Hi! I'm Carly - I've been helping people cancel their services for many years now after I was stung by one of the largest organizations in the world over and over. I spent weeks trying to cancel but they always gave me the runaround. And so, I created MyCancel to help you cancel whatever it is you're trying to cancel and quickly as possible. If you have a question - feel free to send me an email!

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