How to cancel Boingo Wireless

Updated: May 14, 2022

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Founded in 2001, Boingo provides cellular services and Wi-Fi networks to a huge range of public places, airports, stadiums, and other locations where large amounts of people gather. They claim to reach over a billion users through their networks every year. But not all of those using Boingo are happy with the service. And if that’s the case for you, you’ll want to know how to cancel your wireless Boingo account.

Lucky for you, it’s quite straightforward to cancel. And no matter whether you’re on a recurring subscription, subscribed through your iTunes account, or on a pay-as-you-go plan, it only takes a few steps to cancel Boingo and stop being charged. Here they are:

Steps to cancel Boingo

  1. Login to your Boingo account online here
  2. On the left navigation menu, click on My Plan
  3. Under your plan details, click on the button that says Cancel Subscription
  4. Answer any cancellation questions they have
  5. Confirm your cancellation by re-checking the My Plan section

Other ways to cancel

Please note that if you’ve signed up to Boingo using iTunes or through the iOS app store, you may need to cancel a different way. For you, simply open up your device and visit the My Subscriptions section. You should see your Boingo subscription there along with an option to cancel it.

Don’t want to cancel online? Call them on +1-800-880-4117.

Boingo Advertising Their Services In New York
Boingo Advertising Their Services In New York

Still having trouble? Try sending them a message through their website.

Another popular service people end up cancelling when they cancel their Boingo account, is Acorns. Now, although it’s one of the most popular investing apps in the world, there are still thousands to want to cancel their Acorns account and move onto something better.

What are some reasons to cancel Boingo?

Boing hasn’t grown to provide billions of people around the world with network services by not providing something valuable. Far from it. Boingo does provide a good service, but sometimes, that’s just not enough to keep people sticking around.

One of the most cited reasons to cancel Boingo is it’s simply not needed anymore. A lot of travellers use Boingo, and when they stop travelling, there’s no point in being charged for a service they don’t use any more. And so, they head online to find out how to cancel.

Another reason is that even though Boingo is already moving into the 5G industry, many folks around the world are still having slow speed issues. This can be extremely frustrating it the speed is consistently slow – so much so that it’s another large catalyst for people to cancel their Boingo account.

This is the same reason many people want to know how to cancel Zipcar. The speed of the service they expect, and the speed of the service they receive, are simply too far apart.

Is there anyone else you can contact?

With social media running rampant around the world, it’s become one of the go-to platforms to speak with customer service representatives as fast as possible.

If that’s the case for you, you may be better off contacting them here to cancel:

On the odd chance that you’re also subscribed to Noom – hugely popular weight management and fitness app – and are looking to cut your costs a little bit more, maybe it’s time to give them the chop as well. If that sounds like a good idea, you can cancel Noom in a few short steps.

Hi! I'm Carly - I've been helping people cancel their services for many years now after I was stung by one of the largest organizations in the world over and over. I spent weeks trying to cancel but they always gave me the runaround. And so, I created MyCancel to help you cancel whatever it is you're trying to cancel and quickly as possible. If you have a question - feel free to send me an email!

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