How to cancel Postcode Lottery

Updated: July 5, 2021

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Britain’s Postcode Lottery is one of the most popular, and most subscribed lotteries in the country. Since their inception in 2005, more than £600 million has been raised for charity, as 32% of the ticket price goes to a good cause every month. Despite the potential to win and noble causes, sometimes it’s just not enough to keep people playing. If that sounds like you, you’ll want to know how to cancel Postcode Lottery today.

Steps to cancel Postcode Lottery

Step 1 – Choose from one of two methods (phone or via your bank) to cancel your subscription

If you’d like to call them, you can do so on this number – 08081098765. Otherwise, call your bank or fill out a bank form to cancel the monthly direct debit.

Step 2 – Call the free number and explain you’d like to cancel or submit the direct debit cancellation request to your bank

Calling to cancel should be a fairly straightforward process, but make sure you have a reason just in case one of their representatives tries to persuade you to stay on longer.

Step 3 – Confirm you’ve cancelled by checking your bank on the next billing date

It’s always a good idea to re-check your bank account on the next billing date, for any subscription that you want to cancel.

Any other ways to cancel?

Nope! The Postcode Lottery has made it quite simple (compared to some other countries in the UK) to cancel a subscription with them.

Lucky Winners Of The Postcode Lottery
Lucky Winners Of The Postcode Lottery

If you’d like some more questions answered before you go on to cancel, why not send them a message on social media? Links are below.

Some reasons why people cancel

Despite their vast success and popularity among many of the residents, sometimes it all just gets a little too much and they’ve had enough. With stories of success and much prize money being handed out (possibly to their neighbours even), sometimes people just get so frustrated from not winning that they decide enough is enough, it’s time to cancel the Postcode Lottery.

On top of that, another popular reason people cancel is the monthly subscription fee. At £10/month, it doesn’t come cheap. And many people often wonder if that month could be spent on something better than a lottery. And if they come to the answer that yes, it could be spent better elsewhere, then they give the old Postcode Lottery the chop.

This is a similar reason as to why many people cancel a membership to Everyone Active – they simply believe their money could be spent on something better in their life.

More questions?

Not 100% certain you’d like to cancel Postcode Lottery just yet? Send their team a message on social media and they’ll be able to help you out in no time:

As one of the largest mobile network providers in the UK, there’s a high chance that if you’ve signed up to the Postcode Lottery, you may also have a contract with EE. On the odd chance you’re looking to save even more money each month, why not learn how to cancel your EE contract and find a more suitable one for your circumstances?

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