How to cancel Thrive Market Membership

Updated: July 5, 2021

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In a short seven years, Thrive Market has grown to become one of the most well-known organic and natural food eCommerce retailers in the country. One of the key differences if that in order to shop with them, you need to have a Thrive Market Membership. However, even with their vast success, not all customers are happy. For those that aren’t, they go on to cancel their Thrive Market Membership for other services.

Thinking similar thoughts? Follow these easy steps and your Thrive Market Membership will be cancelled in no time:

Steps to cancel Thrive Market Membership

Step 1 – Choose the method you want to cancel with, either by live online chat or email

If you want to use live chat, simply log in to your account and start a chat by clicking the speech bubble here – If you want to send them an email, you can submit your cancellation request here – – or by sending an email to [email protected].

Step 2 – Send them your cancellation request along with the reason you want to cancel

Most companies will want to know why their members are cancelling so they can persuade them to stay with incentives or simply improve their services for other customers.

Step 3 – Answer any questions their support staff may have for you

Thrive Market’s representatives may ask more questions about your membership cancellation request – you’re free to answer them or not.

Step 4 – Confirm your account has been cancelled by checking your membership status

Once their representative has cancelled your account, it’s always good practice to check your membership status one more time to confirm it’s been cancelled.

How else can you cancel

Unfortunately, there’s no direct method for your to cancel your membership with Thrive Market through your account. You must speak with one of their representatives who will handle your cancellation request.

A Sample Of Thrive Markets Products
A Sample Of Thrive Markets Products

If that’s not working for you, you can give them a call on (866) 419-2174. Otherwise, head down below to send the support team a message on social media.

Despite being in a different industry, this method of only being able to cancel your account by calling is also used by Bespoke Post – one of the largest themed subscriptions box providers in the states. Check this out to see the full process of cancelling your Bespoke Post account.

Why do people cancel their Thrive Market Membership?

Thrive Market is growing – and it’s growing quite quickly. Some are even saying it’s one of the best alternatives to Amazon with their great prices ranging between 5% and 50% below other retailers. Another way they’ve set themselves apart with their membership program is that for every customer who signs up, they give a free membership away to a family in need. A definite positive in these times of need. However, even though thousands have signed up, there are plenty who’ve already cancelled.

One of the biggest reasons people cancel their membership to Thrive Market is they simply see no benefit anymore. With a huge focus on healthy living and natural foods, Thrive Market is perfect for those who’ve just started a new diet. Unfortunately, statistics don’t lie and most people who start new diets don’t last very long. And when the new diet stops, so does their Thrive Market Membership.

Food On The Thrive Market
Food On The Thrive Market

On the flip side, sometimes the products they offer through their membership are exactly what you’re after, but the company that’s selling them doesn’t align with you. Thrive Market isn’t afraid to share their views of the world, and for some customers whose views differ from Thrive’s, that may be enough to bring out the chopping block and cancel their membership with them.

Similar to Thrive, Chegg – one of the most recognizable textbook providers in the country, is also facing many cancellations due to the views they have. So, if you’ve also got an account with them, you’ll want to know how to cancel Chegg so they won’t charge you the next time.

Talk to staff

Thrive Market is big on customer satisfaction. They’ve employed a massive team to ensure all your concerns are answered and you’re experience is the best it can be.

In saying that, if you have any other questions before you cancel your membership with them, give their customer support team a message on social media:

On the odd chance that you’re subscribed to ABCMouse as well, a digital education platform for early learning, you may want to think about cancelling it to save even more money. The steps to cancel ABCMouse are quite straightforward, so you can close out your account in no time.

Hi! I'm Carly - I've been helping people cancel their services for many years now after I was stung by one of the largest organizations in the world over and over. I spent weeks trying to cancel but they always gave me the runaround. And so, I created MyCancel to help you cancel whatever it is you're trying to cancel and quickly as possible. If you have a question - feel free to send me an email!

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