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Updated: July 5, 2021

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Taking on the world as one of the first beauty subscription boxes ever created, Birchbox has firmly cemented themselves as arguably the most recognizable brands in the industry. With more an a million subscribers in the States alone, they ship beauty products to all the states around the country. Despite their vast presence, not everyone’s satisfied with their subscription. And for those who aren’t, they’ve moved on to other products, but not before they cancel Birchbox.

If you’re in a similar boat, follow these steps to learn how to cancel Birchbox and stop receiving their monthly subscription:

Steps to cancel Birchbox subscription

Step 1 – Visit Birchbox’s official website and login to your account

To login to your Birchbox account, visit this link – – and enter in your username and password.

Step 2 – Scan the main menu and look for the page that says Account Settings

Once you’ve successfully logged in, scan through the main menu and click on the button that says Account Settings.

Step 3 – Under the Subscriptions heading, click the button that says Cancel

Continue to scroll down the page until you see a sub-heading that says Subscriptions. This is where you’ll be able to manage your subscription status. Next, click on the button that says Cancel.

Step 4 – Confirm your subscription has been cancelled by re-checking your account status

After you’ve cancelled your account, double-check that it has actually been cancelled by logging in to your account and re-checking your Birchbox subscription status.

More ways to cancel your account

If you don’t want to do that or are having some difficulties with their website, you can send them a message with your cancellation request here – Alternatively, you can schedule a call with one of their representative who will cancel your account with them by visiting this page –

A Sample Of The Products Sent In A Birchbox Subscription
A Sample Of The Products Sent In A Birchbox Subscription

If that’s not for you, you can send them an email with your cancellation request here – [email protected]. Otherwise, scroll a bit further down and send their support staff a message through one of their social media accounts.

It’s important to note that you can only cancel month-to-month subscriptions. If you’re on a 3 month or longer plan, you can only stop the auto-renewal and the end of the current billing cycle.

This cancellation process is quite similar to that of Chegg – one of the largest textbook providers in the country. To cancel Chegg, simply login to your account and you’ll be given easy access to close it out and stop all future payments.

Why do people cancel Birchbox?

Founded in 2010, Birchbox was one of the first companies to enter into the innovative monthly subscription box industry. They paved the way and led the industry with many companies copying their style in future years. Despite recently cutting a lot of staff, their founder continues to press on and provide fantastic products to their millions of subscribers.

But that doesn’t mean all of their customers are over the moon with the boxes they’ve been receiving. Far from it. Many, likely thousands and thousands, have already cancelled their Birchbox subscriptions.

One of, if not the most likely, reasons people cancel Birchbox is because they end up getting a lot of the same items, or duplicates. There aren’t an unlimited number of beauty products out there, and if you’ve been subscribed to Birchbox for more than a few years, you’ll likely start receiving a few of the same things. That’s already been the case for many people who’ve ended up deciding it’s time to cancel.

Items In A Birchbox Subscription Box
Items In A Birchbox Subscription Box

Another common reason for ending a Birchbox subscription is the cost. In these modern times, monthly subscriptions are everywhere. Whether they’re digital-like Netflix, or physical like Birchbox, once you’ve signed up to a few, the monthly cost can quickly rise. And sometimes, it reaches a tipping point when it becomes too much. When that happens, some subscriptions are forced to face the chop. And in some cases, that means it’s time to cancel Birchbox.

Noom, one of the fastest-growing and fan-favorite weight management and healthy living apps, is also facing many users cancelling because of the cost. In fact, it’s often cited as the number one reason someone chooses to cancel their Noom account.

Talk to staff

Birchbox has been around for quite a few years now, and they’ve also built up a vastly loyal fan base. Distributing thousands of subscriptions boxes around the states each month.

If you’re not 100% on cancelling your subscription with them just yet, just not send their support staff a message to see if they can help you out. Send them a message on social media for a quick reply:

As a subscription box, sometimes the monthly cost of the box outweighs the benefits you get. This is often quoted as the reason many people end up cancelling Dollar Shave Club as well – one of the pioneers in the subscription box industry, and still one of the largest.

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