How to cancel CenturyLink

Updated: July 5, 2021

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With over $20 billion in revenue, CenturyLink is one of America’s oldest and largest telecommunications company. They offer a range of telecom services for private users, small business, and large enterprises. There’s no doubt they have millions of happy customers, but there’s also no doubt many aren’t happy. And for those that aren’t, they choose to cancel CenturyLink and move on to something different.

Follow these steps to cancel your CenturyLink service:

Steps to cancel CenturyLink

Step 1 – Take note of all the reasons you want to cancel your CenturyLink service

By writing down the reasons you want to cancel, you won’t be persuaded by their customer representatives on the other end to keep you on board.

Step 2 – Call the customer support team on 1-877-837-5738 or start a chat on social media

Give their cancellation team a call on 1-877-837-5738 or 8666420444. If that doesn’t work, scroll down and start a chat with their team on one of their social media accounts.

Step 3 – Request a cancellation of your service and give your reasons to their representative

Once you have one of their representatives on the other end, request a cancellation of your CenturyLink service and give your reasons why.

Step 4 – Confirm your account has been cancelled by logging in to your account and check the subscription status

After they’ve gone through the steps to cancel your account, log back in through their website to confirm your service with them has been cancelled.

What other ways can you cancel

Unfortunately, it’s common for telecom companies to make it as difficult as possible for customers to cancel and leave their company. It’s quite counter-intuitive and it just makes customers more angry, and more likely to voice their anger to people they know.

Some Of Centurylink Customer Support Staff
Some Of CenturyLink’s Customer Support Staff

Despite this, the only way to cancel CenturyLink is by calling them or sending them a message on social media (links are below).

Similar to CenturyLink, the only way to cancel AT&T is by calling them. This leaves many customers frustrated and only angrier, leaving them to vent their frustrations to friends and colleagues.

Why do people want to cancel their CenturyLink service

Little did the founders know that in 1930, where CenturyLink’s roots originate, it would become the behemoth telecommunications company that it is today. With more than $22 billion in revenue, it’s bound to have millions of happy customers. In saying that, not all think their practices are ethical, which has led to many customers cancelling their services with them.

One of the most popular reasons to cancel CenturyLink is that there’s a better service out there. Telecommunications is a cut-throat industry, and every percentage of market share a company can grab will increase it’s revenue by billions. With so many competitors in the industry, as soon as a better deal comes out, many people will close their accounts with CenturyLink and move on to the better service.

Customer service is another big player behind many of the reasons for cancelling. CenturyLink has been consistently listed in many of the worst customer satisfaction ratings in the US. And if one thing’s for certain, if a customer is not satisfied, they likely won’t be sticking around for too long. And so, out come the scissors and it’s to cut the cable to CenturyLink.

If you’re one of the millions who use NordVPN and are cancelling your internet service with CenturyLink, you’ll likely want to cancel your subscription to NordVPN as well. Lucky for you, NordVPN makes it far easier to cancel your account.

Talk to staff

As a member of the Fortune 500 and nearing 100 years old, CenturyLink has likely spent billions of dollars on customer support and satisfaction over the years. But they can’t keep everyone happy.

If you want to ask CenturyLink some more questions before you cancel your internet or other service with them, send their team a message on social media and they’ll get back to you soon:

Verizon Fios is another major player in the telecom industry in America. Being so large, they also have thousands and thousands of people who call up everyday looking to cancel their Verizon Fios account.

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