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Updated: July 5, 2021

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Emeals is certainly not new to the meal planning and grocery delivery business, having been founded way back in 2003. Since then, they’ve helped millions of families make (probably) billions of meals – saving them time and keeping them healthy with a range of delicious dinners. Even with millions of happy customers, there are going to be some that it’s just not right for. And for those, they’ll want to know how to cancel Emeals today before being charged again.

Luckily, the steps you need to take to cancel your Emeals subscription are quite simple. Just follow the few steps to come and your account with them will be closed in no time.

Steps to cancel Emeals

Step 1 – Make a note of the information relating to your account

Anyone can call up and request to cancel an account, but they’ll need to verify the right person is calling. So, have all the information ready such as your name, phone number, address, and anything else you used to create your account.

Step 2 – Call their cancellation department on (205) 721-8820 or toll-free at (855) 328-2674

Emeals has two numbers you can call to contact their cancellation team – (205) 721-8820 or toll-free (855) 328-2674. Please note that you cannot cancel by leaving a voicemail – you must speak to one of their representatives.

Step 3 – Tell them you wish to cancel and the reasons why

They’ll likely have a bunch of tricks and offers up their sleeves to keep you on board. If you like, you’re more than welcome to take up their offer and keep your Emeals account open. Otherwise – remember the reason you’re cancelling and stick to it.

Step 4 – Confirm that your Emeals account is cancelled by checking your billing status

Once their representative has confirmed your account has been cancelled over the phone, log back into your Emeals account and double-check your billing status. As well, when your next billing payment was set to be due, check to make sure they haven’t accidentally charged your account.

Are there other ways to cancel?

Sorry to say, but Emeals are one of the few companies that require you to speak to one of their staff in order to cancel. There’s no way to cancel through email, text, sending a message through their live chat, or even by logging in to your account on their website.

The only way to cancel is by calling either of the two numbers above.

Some Of The Food Available At Emeals
Some Of The Food Available At Emeals

Keep in mind: Emeals recommends cancelling more than two days before your next billing date – otherwise they might end up charging your account anyway. You may be able to dispute the charge with your bank if that happens to you.

Another popular food service that recommends you cancel quickly to avoid being charged is Instacart. As one of the largest grocery delivery services in the country, they have millions of happy customers, but also thousands of unhappy ones. Many who want to know how to cancel Instacart and stop further payments.

Why do people cancel Emeals

A company doesn’t stay in business for nearly two decades by providing sub-par service. And for Emeals, they’ve been providing a pretty good service, as their millions of customers have already agreed with. In saying that, there are also thousands and thousands who’ve cancelled their subscription. But why?

One of the most popular reasons is that they’ve signed up for the free trial and have decided it’s simply not for them. Many companies offer free trials for the sole purpose of letting people find out whether they’d like to stay on board for a longer time period. Sometimes, the customer and the business simply don’t fit together and they both part ways. Nothing sinister – just a simple trial subscription being cancelled.

Sandwich From Emeals
Sandwich From Emeals

Another reason some people decide to end up cancelling is that their life has changed. Everyone’s life changes over time, whether they like it or not. And what may have been a great idea to sign up for a meal planning and grocery delivery service before, isn’t a good idea anymore. And so, instead of being charged unnecessarily for a service they no longer want, they simply give Emeals a call and cancel their account. No harm done.

This is also a popular reason many people say when they cancel Lightroom – one of Adobe’s most user-friendly photo-editing applications.

Talk to their staff

If you’d like to get some more information about cancelling your account and/or any other question you might have, your best bet would be to send them a message on social media:

A recent survey showed many people who sign up for Emeals, also give Thrive Marketplace a go – a membership-based platform that provides a range of healthy food options. If that’s you as well, you may want to cancel your Thrive Marketplace membership to save even more money.

Hi! I'm Carly - I've been helping people cancel their services for many years now after I was stung by one of the largest organizations in the world over and over. I spent weeks trying to cancel but they always gave me the runaround. And so, I created MyCancel to help you cancel whatever it is you're trying to cancel and quickly as possible. If you have a question - feel free to send me an email!

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