How to cancel EOS Membership

Updated: May 17, 2022

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EOS Fitness is a growing gym with the majority of its locations in California, Florida, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. If you’re not too happy with their gyms, follow the instructions to cancel your membership today.

Steps to cancel a EOS membership

  1. Gather details of your membership including your name and membership number
  2. Call the gym you regularly visit by finding their number here
  3. Speak to their staff and request they cancel your membership
  4. Contact your bank and revoke their access to your credit card or bank account
  5. Confirm you’ve cancelled by checking your bank statement on the next billing date

Can you cancel online?

No, EOS Fitness does not provide its members with a way to cancel online. You must submit your cancellation request in person, over the phone, or by visiting your local club.

How else can you cancel?

You can email them or visit the gym in person and request cancellation. Cancelling via email may take a little longer but you will have a paper trail which is a positive. Going in person to cancel is likely the best method, but takes more time on your behalf and they will likely do everything they can to persuade you to stay.

Is it possible to pause your membership?

Generally speaking, it’s not possible to put your EOS membership on hold unless you have a legitimate reason for not being able to use the gym, such as something medical. If you’d like to try and freeze your membership for a period of time, speak to the manager of the gym your regularly attend.

Are refunds available?

EOS Fitness makes no statements regarding refunds on their website or terms of service. Please see the contract you signed with EOS for accurate information regarding your membership.

Will you be charged any cancellation fees?

There are reports from many people who’ve previously cancelled their EOS Fitness memberships that a $50 fee will be charged if you cancel your contract. However, if you contract is already past the initial agreed time period, it’s unlikely you will be charged a fee to cancel.

Why do they make it so hard to cancel?

Gyms around the world, including EOS and Blink Fitness, are notorious for making it extremely difficult to cancel a membership with them. Often ‘accidentally’ charging fees after the membership has been terminated as well. This has unfortunately become the normal for gyms and is typically accepted as standard practice.

Fortunately, some gyms like Puregym have made it quite simple to cancel a membership with them through their website.

Why do people cancel their EOS gym membership?

EOS Fitness has been around for many years now, building up a strong collection of gyms scattered around the country for its members to use. Membership fees are relatively inexpensive, starting at $16/month for the lowest tier, with members being able to upgrade and receive additional perks if they want. One of those perks being digital workouts with high profile individuals in the fitness industry. They also spend time boosting their reputation by partnering with community-focused initiatives in various neighborhoods. Despite all that, there are plenty of people who’ve decided it’s time to move on from EOS and cancel their memberships.

One of the biggest reasons people say is the reason they’re cancelling, is that they no longer need the services that a commercial gym provides. Whether they’ve achieved their fitness goals, or simply want to move away from the gym into a more sporty environment, a gym membership is no longer any value to them. This is also the biggest reason why people head online to find out how to cancel their Xercise4less membership.

Next on the list for top reasons to cancel EOS, is the cost. Multiple monthly subscriptions can quickly add up, sometimes in excess of hundreds of dollars a month if you put them together with meal plans, on-demand streaming services, digital libraries, and more. When it all becomes too much, something must go on the chopping board, and oftentimes, that’s a gym membership.

Final thoughts

EOS Fitness has gym locations mainly on the West and East coast of the country, however they’re quickly adding more locations across the states as well.

If you find yourself unhappy with the service they’re providing of the experience you have when using one of their gyms, follow the instructions above and you’ll be able to cancel your membership today.

If have any more questions, feel free to send their support team a message here:

Hi! I'm Carly - I've been helping people cancel their services for many years now after I was stung by one of the largest organizations in the world over and over. I spent weeks trying to cancel but they always gave me the runaround. And so, I created MyCancel to help you cancel whatever it is you're trying to cancel and quickly as possible. If you have a question - feel free to send me an email!

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